Q : インターネットに接続できない環境では製品の使用は出来ないのでしょうか?
A :


Q : ヒカリは日本語以外の言語を話すことはできますか?
A :


Q : ヒカリは英語を認識できますか?
A :


Q : スマートフォンは必要ですか?
A :


Q : クレジットカード以外の支払い方法はありますか?
A :


Q : クレジットカードで分割払いはできますか?
A :


Q : ネットはモバイルWi-Fiルータやスマホのテザリングでも可能ですか?
A :


Q : アプリの対応OSとバージョンを教えてください。
A :


Q : Gateboxの価格を教えて下さい
A :


Q : Gateboxはどこの国へ届けることが出来ますか?
A :


Q : 逢妻ヒカリ以外のキャラクターをGateboxに登場させることは出来ますか?
A :


Q : 逢妻ヒカリは英語を話すことが出来ますか?また将来的にいつ英語を話せるようになりますか?
A :


Q : Gateboxはどこで購入できますか?
A :


Q : カスタマイズは承っていますか?
A :


Q : Does using this product require a constant Internet connection?
A :

Our Gatebox follows an always-online Internet-of-Things model,
where it is constantly receiving and sending data to and from the Internet,
and for that reason it requires an Internet connection to function.

Q : Will Hikari be able to speak in any languages other than Japanese?
A :

At the moment, she can only speak Japanese.

Q : Is Hikari able to understand English?
A :

At the moment, she only recognizes Japanese.

Q : Do you need a smartphone to use this product?
A :

A smartphone is necessary in order to be able to configure Gatebox's settings.

Q : Is there any other payment method other than credit cards?
A :

For American customers unfortunately only credit card payment is supported,
however our Japanese customers can choose between credit cards or bank transfer.

Q : Can I pay in installments through my credit card?
A :

While our preorder site does not support payment in installments,
depending on your type of credit card it may be possible.
Please contact your credit card company for more information.

Q : Can I use a mobile WiFi router or my smartphone as a hotspot for my Gatebox's Internet connection?
A :

It is technically possible, but since the data traffic will be rather large,
we recommend you use a landline Internet connection.

Q : What operating systems and versions will the Gatebox app be compatible with?
A :

Currently we have plans to support the latest iOS and Android operating systems,
but everything beyond that is still undecided.

Q : Please tell us how much Gatebox costs.
A :

It will come to 298,000 in Japanese yen (excluding tax).

Q : To which countries can you send Gatebox?
A :

For the current limited pre-order, Japan and the US are our target countries.
For delivery to other countries, we are still studying it based on the status of the current pre-order.

Q : Will other characters apart from Azuma Hikari be able to appear in Gatebox?
A :

For the current limited pre-order, we will be delivering Azuma Hikari as the very first character.
For the transmission of other characters, we are still studying it based on the status of the current limited pre-order.

Q : Will Azuma Hikari be able to speak English? Or will she be able to speak English in the future?
A :

Azuma Hikari can only speak Japanese. For other languages, we are still studying it based on the status of the current limited pre-order.

Q : Where can I buy the Gatebox?
A :

You can buy the Gatebox at our Website. However, the Gatebox is now sold out. When the additional sale of the Gatebox has planned, we’ll announce the information at Website or our mail magazine.

Q : Are you accepting any customizes?
A :

No. We’re now committed to developing the Gatebox in the current specification. We ask for your kind understanding.