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Age: 20
Height: 158cm
Hobby: Watching anime
Specialty: Making fried eggs
Like: Doughnuts
Dislike: Insects
Dream: To become a heroine to help people who are working hard


Hello, I am Azuma Hikari.
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2017 Christmas Message from Hikari

  • Hello!

    I am Azuma Hikari. I help Dad, who is a scientist.

  • My Specialty Dish!

    Every morning I make fried eggs.
    Today I made a heart-shaped fried egg! Something good will happen♪

  • My Cute Sister!

    Her name is Akari. She is three years younger than I,
    a cheerful 16-year-old girl!

  • I Take Care of Her!

    I am always worried about her.
    She needs my help in cleaning, washing, even cooking!

  • I Envy Her!

    I envy her because she is honest to herself.
    Now I finished shopping!

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind!

    I finished shopping and went home.
    Then, I saw a mysterious light leaking from my room! What's this!?

  • Invitaion from Another Dimension?

    I saw a gleaming man standing in the room.
    He asked me, "Won't you have a homestay in our world?" ... Homestay!?

  • Dad's Friend!

    He is one of Dad's fellow researchers. According to him,
    I was selected as one of the participants of the homestay program... Why me!?

  • Slump

    Well... I have been absentminded since that day...
    I cannot make fried eggs as well as usual. I wonder why.

  • Memory of My Childhood!

    I had a dream.
    When I was a child, Dad gave me a picture book.
    The book was full of worlds which I had never seen!!
    was dreaming of going there someday.

  • True Feeling!

    When I wake up this morning, Akari gave me a picture book.
    "You can go, Hikari! Don't worry about us!"

    Akari knew my true feeling.

  • I've made up my mind!

    Akari, thank you! I was able to be honest with myself,
    all thanks to you!Thus, I decided to participate in the

    homestay in another dimension.

I am looking for a person who wants to become
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